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Can I also order in smaller quantities?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Due to hygiene it is only possible to send by outer packaging. There are some items that are sold separately or per 10 pieces. You can also filter by order unit when searching for articles.


How do I assemble my packaging?

It is usually self-explanatory, but sometimes it is just as useful to see how to assemble our packaging when they are delivered flat. That is why you will find some useful videos here or on our Youtube channel.

Can I receive a sample?

This is possible in some cases, but only if we have a separate item to ship. Because our warehouse does not have separate samples to send, we unfortunately cannot add them to your order. If a sample is available, we can send it to you after invoicing the shipping costs for them. If you would like to receive a sample, please request it by sending an email to [email protected]

Insufficient stock

If you want to order an item that is currently not (sufficiently) in stock, it is best to let us know by email. We will then prepare the order for you and send the item to you as soon as possible. In most cases this amounts to a delivery time of 5 working days. If the item is sold out, you can find the button "notify me when available" on the product page. You will then receive an email as soon as they come in! 


I cannot find the packaging I am looking for here

Are you looking for packaging in a different size or color than can be found here on the site? Send us a message at [email protected] and we will look for a suitable option!


We do not offer customized printing. Having your own packaging custom printed is usually not feasible because of the high minimum order quantities and storage demands. It is then perfect to be able to choose a line of packaging where you do not have high minimum orders, plus various size options in the same style. You can of course combine them with a logo sticker or one of our ribbons. 

You can find our different product ranges here.

How much zigzag box filler do I need?

The table below gives an estimate, based on what you would need when filling the boxes half way up with the zigzag box filler per 1,25 kg


Box typeDimensions# boxes per 1,25 kgNeeded per box
Letterbox150 x 110 x 17 mmApprox. 324 boxes4 gram
Letterbox210 x 150 x 17 mmApprox. 170 boxes7,5 gram
Letterbox300 x 210 x 17 mmApprox. 85 boxes15 gram
Letterbox350 x 230 x 17 mmApprox. 66 boxes19 gram
Letterbox A6180 x 115 x 28 mmApprox. 156 boxes8 gram
Letterbox A5255 x 160 x 28 mmApprox. 78 boxes16 gram
Letterbox A4299 x 213 x 28 mmApprox. 50 boxes25 gram
Letterbox A4+350 x 250 x 28 mmApprox. 36 boxes34 gram
Sweetsbox118 x 118 x 45 mmApprox. 83 boxes15 gram
Sweetsbox150 x 150 x 30 mmApprox. 66 boxes19 gram
Sweetsbox200 x 165 x 60 mmApprox. 23 boxes55 gram
Sweetsbox260 x 245 x 45 mmApprox. 16 boxes79 gram
Sweetsbox250 x 200 x 70 mmApprox. 13 boxes97 gram
Sweetsbox295 x 295 x 45 mmApprox. 12 boxes108 gram
Sweetsbox322 x 200 x 60 mmApprox. 12 boxes106 gram
Sweetsbox300 x 200 x 100 mmApprox. 8 boxes165 gram