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Unique and sturdy cake boxes for all your cakes

A wide range of pastry boxes in various styles, materials and sizes. From the smart cake dome to tall cake boxes for tiered cakes and wedding cakes. Order at Cupcakedozen.nl for a unique presentation, safe transport and low prices.

Unique and sturdy cake boxes for all your cakes

Cupcakedozen.nl is the place for all your cake boxes. Over the years (with the help of our own baking experience) we have a very wide range of cake boxes for you in various styles, materials and sizes.

Of course you will find the smart cake dome here, a super handy packaging that immediately gives a wow factor to the presentation of your cakes. Smart? Yes! This transparent cake box is easy to assemble when you need it, so you don't need a lot of storage space to store large cylinders. This packaging is custom made for us and you will always find it here for the best price!

In addition, our tall cake boxes are extremely popular! These are cake boxes that are sturdy enough to transport heavier cakes. For example, boxes for tiered cakes, wedding cakes or birthday cakes.

We also have lower cake boxes in various sizes with or without a window. And did you know that we also have cake box extensions? With this you can easily raise every cake box for your cake!

Of course we also have beautiful packaging for sheet cakes, number cakes, letter cakes, drip cakes, you name it! Why order cake boxes on Cupcakedozen.nl? Well:

  • A very wide range of sizes, colours and materials
  • Various sustainable and reusable options available
  • Fast delivery from our own stock
  • Unique packaging for a unique and professional presentation
  • Sturdy packaging for safe transport
  • Low wholesale prices with high quantity discounts
  • Always an impressive presentation and positive first impression!