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Beautiful sweet boxes in multiples sizes!

They are extremely popular: Treat boxes containing delicious cookies, muffins, chocolates, popsicles, brownies, etc. For example in a specific colour combination or theme. We have various beautiful packaging for you to make a wonderful gift!

Beautiful sweet boxes in multiples sizes!

They are hugely popular: Sweet boxes containing delicious biscuits, muffins, chocolate, popsicles, brownies etc. For example, in a particular colour combination or theme. We have a variety of beautiful packaging for you to make it a wonderful gift!

Create enchanting gifts with our sweet boxes

At Cupcakedozen.nl, we understand that every treat tells a story, and our sweet boxes are the perfect stage to present those stories. We have put together a beautiful collection of packaging that allows you to present your handmade sweets in a unique and stylish way.

A world of creativity

Discover our exclusive collection of hamper box packaging specially designed to highlight your baked creations. Whether you make masterful cupcakes, flavourful cakes, delectable biscuits, delicate macarons, or other sweet treats, our packaging offers a range of options to add your unique touch.

Simple and stylish

Our treat boxes are not only visually appealing, but also practical to use. They are designed with the needs of bakers in mind, making it easy to package your treats in a professional and stylish way. Whether you are a hobby baker who likes to share with friends and family, or a professional baker who wants to impress customers, our packaging adds a touch of elegance to every pastry.

Personalise and impress

We understand that presenting your creations is an art in itself. That's why we offer a range of styles and designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for a colour combination to match your theme, want to create a vintage look, or just want to stand out with contemporary elegance, our packaging offers the freedom to put your stamp on every gift.

What are you waiting for?

Browse our collection of sweet boxes and discover the perfect packaging to transform your treats into eye-catching gifts.


How much box filler do I need?

The table below gives an estimate, based on what you would need when filling the boxes half way up with the zigzag box filler


Box typeDimensions# boxes per 1,25 kgNeeded per box
Letterbox150 x 110 x 17 mmApprox. 324 boxes4 gram
Letterbox210 x 150 x 17 mmApprox. 170 boxes7,5 gram
Letterbox300 x 210 x 17 mmApprox. 85 boxes15 gram
Letterbox350 x 230 x 17 mmApprox. 66 boxes19 gram
Letterbox A6180 x 115 x 28 mmApprox. 156 boxes8 gram
Letterbox A5255 x 160 x 28 mmApprox. 78 boxes16 gram
Letterbox A4299 x 213 x 28 mmApprox. 50 boxes25 gram
Letterbox A4+350 x 250 x 28 mmApprox. 36 boxes34 gram
Sweetsbox118 x 118 x 45 mmApprox. 83 boxes15 gram
Sweetsbox150 x 150 x 30 mmApprox. 66 boxes19 gram
Sweetsbox200 x 165 x 60 mmApprox. 23 boxes55 gram
Sweetsbox260 x 245 x 45 mmApprox. 16 boxes50 gram
Sweetsbox250 x 200 x 70 mmApprox. 13 boxes97 gram
Sweetsbox295 x 295 x 45 mmApprox. 12 boxes108 gram
Sweetsbox322 x 200 x 60 mmApprox. 12 boxes106 gram
Sweetsbox300 x 200 x 100 mmApprox. 8 boxes165 gram